May 19/14

Daring Simplicity (In footballing ability)

Posted by admin

Seven of Boys and Girls finest took the the field on Friday night. An hour later they emerged as men, blinking in the late evening sun, bloodied, slightly dizzy and with a shooting pain down their left arm, but most importantly victorious.It was a match that will live long in

Apr 30/14

Handmade Advertising

Posted by Mikey

At Boys and Girls we like to think making ads is kind of our forte. But when our new client Glenilen Farm asked us to create an online video to promote their new four packs of yoghurts, we took the term to a new, quite literal level.

Mikey and me decided

Mar 21/14

Be Extraordinary

Posted by Chris

We are delighted to have picked up two awards at the 2014 Caribbean Advertising Federation ADDY Awards, both for our client Digicel.

Our “Be extraordinary” TV commercial won Best of show overall while our campaign for the launch of the Digicel DL600 Smartphone won Silver.

In the words of the judging panel,