Aug 26/14

McDonnells Curry Sauce

Posted by Julie

McDonnells Curry Sauce is one of those golden, authentic Irish brands, which lends itself to having a bit of fun creatively. So earlier this year when the McDonnells team approached us with the opportunity to create their first TV ad ever, we jumped at the chance.

The brief for this ad

Jul 23/14

Nissan Innovation for Everyone.

Posted by Rory

You don’t see many Irish made car ads, blame the perceived expense of filming and the genre’s penchant for shot of impossibly silver cars carving down South African coastal roads. It’s a pity. We have a different relationship with our cars than our European counterparts.

Nissan offered us the opportunity

May 19/14

Daring Simplicity (In footballing ability)

Posted by admin

Seven of Boys and Girls finest took the the field on Friday night. An hour later they emerged as men, blinking in the late evening sun, bloodied, slightly dizzy and with a shooting pain down their left arm, but most importantly victorious.It was a match that will live long in