Dulux+The invincibles

A documentary that swam against the stream

What we did

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Film
  • Digital
  • Point of Sale

Weather-durable paint+weather-durable people

Swimming in Ireland means exposure to the harshest of climates, all year round. To celebrate Weathershield’s most weather-durable paint, we went in search of Ireland’s most weather-durable people, all year sea swimmers.

As Weathershield offers ultimate durability against Ireland’s infamous wild winds and hail, we wanted to champion AYSS, who like Weathershield, aren’t deterred by the elements. These people are the most weather durable people in Ireland. They are ‘The Invincibles’.

A paint ad that didn’t show paint

With many other brands using UK assets, the creative opportunity for this campaign was to tell an emotional brand story that was quintessentially Irish and therefore made a deeper connection with a local audience.

However, to make this emotional connection, we felt we had to tell a much bigger story, one that wouldn’t be possible within the confines of a traditional 30-second video; something Dulux Ireland had used to communicate its Weathershield messaging in the past. We opted to break with tradition and create a rich, long-form piece of content that would be seeded online.

Previous Weathershield commercials were always product-centric, which was perfect for a medium with a captive viewer, but when it comes to an online audience it’s a whole different story. Putting a TV idea on the web wasn’t going to work. We needed to do something different. We decided to tell a story about paint, without showing any paint.

We created a 30 second documentary style film that was the central focus of the campaign.

Shot in Myrtleville beach, Co. Cork, The Invincibles explores the story of Tom Bermingham, Mairead Ni Mhaoileóin and Tom McCarthy, three AYSS who are dedicated to the water all year round – rail, hail or shine. They, like Weathershield, have ‘Ultimate Durability’.

Weather-durable paint+weather-durable people

With the challenge of budget allocation, and the absence of TV, radio allowed us to target our audience on a trusted channel using a mixture of the highest indexing stations for outdoor paint users