Three+The Connected Restaurant

bringing two sides of the Atlantic around one table

What we did

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Irish Emigrants + Families Back Home

For Three’s Christmas campaign, we opened one restaurant between two cities, designed to connect Irish immigrants in New York with their family in Ireland. This meant taking over two real restaurants in Manhattan and Dublin, over three days, transforming them both and opening the experience up to any Irish immigrants in New York who wanted to connect with home. This pop-up dining experience struck a chord – we were flooded with applications for tables and the Connected Restaurant was booked instantly.

World-class Irish-American chef, Flynn McGarry, designed a menu inspired by Ireland to give Irish emigrants a taste of home. The experience was mirrored down the last detail to make the distance disappear for the diners. Both sides enjoyed the same menu, giving families the chance to experience Christmas dinner as if they were sitting at the same table, while being over 5,000 kilometres apart.

One such family hadn’t been home for Christmas in almost a decade. Paul, originally from Limerick, together with his American wife, Tara and their young daughter, Maeve, got to share Christmas dinner with Paul’s parents. It was a particularly special meal, as Paul’s father is suffering from a rare bone marrow cancer. Their story was captured by award-winning Irish documentary film-maker, Ken Wardrop.

The Connected Restaurant proved the power of the Three network to connect people, giving immigrants in New York who couldn’t travel the chance to share a unique experience with their families back home. The restaurant heightened the experiences of what the network does every single day for millions of Irish people – bringing them closer to the people they care about.