Irish Heart Foundation+Show Some Heart

temporary tattoos for permanent change

What we did

  • Film
  • Tattoo
  • Social posts
  • Influencers - MR + Westlife
  • Live stream of tattoo
close-up of "Show Some Heart" temporary tattoo on man's neck

Heart problems

Heart disease is Ireland’s number-one killer, with one in three deaths coming from heart attacks and other heart-related issues. But heart disease isn’t seen as a pressing issue by young people, reflected in the drop-off in donations among that age group.

What the Irish Heart Foundation needed was a way to communicate the message to young people that heart disease affects everyone, even them.


We created an integrated campaign across social media that we called #showsomeheart. Come Valentine’s Day, images of hearts reach saturation point, with the image itself becoming virtually meaningless. It seemed like an opportune time to bring meaning back into the image, by giving young people a way to physically show their support in the fight against heart disease.


the tattoo

To launch the campaign, we collaborated with Oscar-winning designer Annie Atkins to create a striking temporary tattoo heart. Accompanied by the hashtag #showsomeheart, the campaign asked for a donation in exchange for the temporary tattoo.

The tattoo and hashtag quickly gained traction among the target audience, with people posting their tattoo selfies and even sharing the emblem on their profiles.

"Show Some Heart" tattoo design by Annie Atkins


The campaign won the hearts of the nation, selling 46,000 tattoos, and even appearing on the arms (and other body parts) of the Munster rugby squad, 2FM DJs, and the boyband Westlife. Not only that, but the campaign notched up 1 million Instagram impressions, and increased visits to the site by the target audience by 56%.

It also struck a beat with one person so much, they got the design tattoed permanently on their chest – setting a new bar for a successful campaign.

Munster rugby players wearing "Show Some Heart" tattoos