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Connecting in “unprecedented times”

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, data usage surged as video calls became the de facto way of staying in touch. Three Ireland decided to do their bit, completely removing usage restrictions on their All You Can Eat Data service.

During this time, ad breaks were filled with sad empty streets and shuttered shops or footage captured from the smartphones of the public. We needed to do something different to stand out, deciding instead to embrace the creative constraints with a spot that brought this new offering to life. The result was an emotive story about a grandad helping his grandson hunt for a monster in his bedroom.

Our challenge was creating an ad during lockdown that didn’t look like just another lockdown ad.

A true testament to the power of data and connection, the spot was entirely written, presented, filmed, and produced remotely.

Tom Merilion of Speers Films directed from his home in France. The cast shot their respective parts at their homes using custom-built rigs. Post production was handled by Windmill Lane, with agency, client and crew attending edits, grade, and VFX viewings via video conference. Our VO artist, unable to access a sound studio, even had to record his lines under a duvet in his wardrobe.


The Irish public fell in love with the ad with The Irish Times calling it the most impressive [ad]… for how it creatively handled the lockdown”.

It was talked about both locally and globally — from Irish churches to Swedish television. Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System 1 Research and author of “Lemon”, used it as an example of one of the best ads to come out of Covid-19 anywhere in the world.

A massive +11% jump to Brand Health led to this ad becoming one of Three’s best-performing spots ever made. It showed that creativity can still flourish in tough working conditions and that advertising that entertains the public is still the best business of all.