Three+Make it Count

Turning data into something that really matters

What we did

  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Films
  • Outdoor
  • Radio

bits, bytes+how they really matter

It all started with a picture. One sent across Three’s network to a family WhatsApp group.

Just 2.8mbs of data, but so much more. A memory of an important birthday, a shared family joke, a treasured possession. 

You see, it wasn’t the data that mattered. It was what you did with it. By sending it, by sharing it, you make it mean more. You make it count. A brand purpose was born.

Three’s ‘make it count’ campaign shows how people make the network count

Each execution of the campaign takes a single piece of data sent over the network, and explains how powerful it can become. People transforming bits and bytes into something that really matters.

In a film campaign, directed by Sweetshop’s Mark Albiston, we presented data in a new way, by showing how people use it to make a difference to their lives. Whether that’s a search for identity, a call to a technophobic dad or a picture sent by a marathon runner of a life-changing moment.

blue ticks+no reply

Radio allowed us to tell even more stories. Like using Data to ask someone out. And the subsequent excruciating, emotional upheaval that can follow. Blue ticks and no reply = ouch.

The print campaign takes a representation of the data, a phone, and literally turns it into the experiences it has the potential to bring to life, like a holiday, a gig or a football match. Handsets becoming the stage for so much more. 

Re-iterating the campaign idea of transforming intangible data into emotional experiences, but executing it in a visually impactful way, tailor-made for print and outdoor.


Pink, pink+more pink

But we didn’t just create a new brand purpose for Three, we developed a new brand identity. 

New purpose+new identity+new colour+new Endline. New everything. All launched at the same time as new consumer, brand tactical and business campaigns.


fathers+daughters+technophobes+kids puking up rainbows+a new brand purpose+data at the heart of it all


38% brand uplift +

12% market share growth +

100% happy client +