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A nation that's car mad

We’re a nation of drivers, with every Irish household having two cars at the very least. Yet for years car companies continued to put out international campaigns with an Irish voice over as the one concession to the local audience. But these cut-and-paste ads were leaving Irish consumers cold. So to reach them we launched our new campaign for ŠKODA, giving their international tagline “Simply Clever” a uniquely Irish spin.

While other markets could boast that ŠKODA cars were made there, we couldn’t. So to get around that, we showed how the ŠKODA’s unique features – like its distinctive design, smooth drive, and smart technology – were perfect for Ireland.

To launch the campaign, we created the “Made for Ireland” platform, to show just how Irish ŠKODA really is, from the suspension that seems custom-built for Irish potholes, to umbrellas hidden in doors for that inevitable summer downpour. And unlike most car ads running on Irish telly that were actually filmed in South Africa, we shot ours on location around Dublin and Wicklow.



For the next campaign, we wanted to push “Made for Ireland” even further. While ŠKODA is the perfect fit for today’s Ireland, it also fits seamlessly into the Ireland of old. So we re-imagined some of Ireland’s best-known legends – like St. Patrick and the Children of Lir – by putting ŠKODA right at the centre of their story. Not only that, we drew a direct link between these legendary Irish myths and the unique features of each car.

The campaign took over the Sky Bridge in Dublin Airport’s Terminal One, and was seen by over 6 million people over a six-month period, at least half of them returning Irish tourists.


The rate of change in Ireland of late has really been staggering, seen in the rise of skinny jeans, poke bowls, and flat whites. We wanted to show that while we may have come a long way, ŠKODA has managed to keep pace with us.

To launch their new 191 range, we homed in on the rise of these fads and trends in a humorous, unexpected way. Across three 20-second TV spots we captured our new love for coffee, our hopeless selfie-addiction, and what a day out means in 2019, all the while showcasing how the ŠKODA range more than meets our changing needs.


Growing ŠKODA’s share in what was already a hotly contested market wasn’t easy. But by demonstrating why ŠKODA is the perfect fit for Irish drivers with our “Made for Ireland” platform, we overcame the decline in sales seen by other brands. By outperforming the bigger names, we helped ŠKODA climb the rankings, even cracking the top 5 car brands in Ireland for the very first time.