RTÉ+Local Drama

Giving local drama the hollywood treatment

What we did

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  • Display

Promoting unmissable TV moments

As Autumn creeps up and the nights draw in, we’re reaching for the heating and cosying up in front of the TV. Yes Netflix and the rest are good, but what about truly unmissable drama, watched live on TV, together? Great drama captures the public’s imagination and starts conversations. It makes for a collective shared viewing experience – a reason to get the family together, a focus for a date night, or the non-stop buzz of a Whatsapp group between friends.

We worked with RTÉ to promote their upcoming season of drama with a whole host of famous faces and new shows. Debuting on TV, social, and outdoor, the intriguing creative draws the viewer in from the start.

The simple call to action of tuning into your national broadcaster for great local drama meant we could play on the standard tropes of TV drama. For the TV ads, familiar everyday life sets the scene. We see our protagonist played by Emmet Scanlon at the centre of various situations as he sees the drama unfold.

The print element of the campaign brought it’s own fun. Looking at how to bring a fresh perspective on this was great fun creatively and the production was an art in itself. Visuals for the outdoor campaign are of an unmade bed, a car driving at night, a shovel in the ground, with the tagline ‘The Best Drama is Local.’