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Scarlet for yellow beers

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Smkithwick's "Keep It Interesting" Golden Square
Pint of Smithwick's red ale

boring yellow beers+just one ruby

Amidst the sea of sameness of yellow lagers and beers, one iconic red ale stands out as a more interesting choice. However, all too often people fall in to the trap of ordering the same old boring beers.

So Smithwick’s came to us to challenge people to take another look at one of Ireland’s oldest brands. How could we encourage them to keep it interesting?

rage against the mundane

First off, we worked with world renowned photographer Martin Wonnacott to capture product shots unlike any ever created in the brand’s 309 years. With tantalising detail and vivid colour we 
made them irresistible to the eye.

And as a brand full of character, with a sheer abundance of interesting things to say, we didn’t want to constrain ourselves to just one line!

Using expressive, gestural, hand-lettered typography, 
we created a bespoke tapestry of both headlines and key product attributes to draw the consumer into our world. This typographic backdrop allows us to say everything we have to say in a fresh, dynamic way with an unmistakable tone of voice and in a way that rewards closer inspection.

keep it interesting

Phase one is live now across the country, but keep an eye out for the next stage of the campaign – coming to a social feed near you.