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A story about the greatest gift you can share; love.

It’s that time of year. The winter woolies are out and the Christmas parties are looming. And with that come the annual array of Christmas ads. Every year we get excited to tune in and see the big productions and stories from our favourite brands. This year is no exception and we’re excited to produce our first Christmas campaign for Littlewoods Ireland. The brief was simple – create a heartwarming story and showcase the power of gift giving.

The story centres around the loving relationship between a hardworking Mam and her little daughter, Ava. As they prepare for Christmas, Mam unpacks her Christmas shopping from Littlewoods Ireland with gifts for all the family including a little gift for herself – a new lipstick. We see Ava’s admiration for her Mam as she watches her apply that same lipstick as she gets ready for work. Inspiration strikes and we see Ava get an idea. 

Without giving too much away, Ava prepares a beautiful, unique gift for her Mam and presents it on Christmas Eve. We see the love and joy in Mams eyes – it’s a beautiful moment. It’s all the more beautiful when you hear that it’s a true story based on a moment from Copywriter Roisin’s own childhood. Aww. 

The campaign includes a hero film for TV with cut downs for YouTube and VOD alongside social media, email and onsite campaign activations. 

This was a joy to create & produce and the important message is one we should keep in mind all year round: sometimes the most important things in life can’t be bought.