THREE UK+Protected: Chelsea FC



Let’s kick off, shall we?

As massive fans of the beautiful game, we’re all hugely excited at the opportunity to work with you on the Chelsea FC sponsorship. So, make a cup of tea (or grab a beer – now we’re all WFH, all rules are out the window) and let us introduce you to Boys+Girls and how we play as a team.


Brands thrive on attention, something that is in increasingly limited supply. Successful brands understand that the answer isn’t buying that attention, it’s in earning it; by producing work that is so good people will want to see it, rather than actively avoid it. The answer is entertainment. 

For Three UK, we need to approach the sponsorship of Chelsea with a real purpose – connecting football fans to the game they love like never before. This means creating brand experiences, content and advertising that cuts through and demands attention. That’s how we win the game.

Creating work for the world

We set up our agency with the belief and ambition that we would make international work from Dublin. And over the past 11 years we’ve been fortunate enough to get many opportunities to do so.

  • We’ve created campaigns – including many in sports sponsorship – for Digicel (the Caribbean’s largest mobile operator) across 40 territories, in 5 different languages across the Caribbean and Pacific.
  • Launched the Premium Irish Whiskey category in the US, South Africa and Russia for Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard.
  • Became Fitbit’s EMEA agency creating product launch, experiential and tactical campaigns for their 4 key markets of UK, France, Italy and Germany.
  • Launched the first global campaigns for Jose Cuervo and Bushmills – creating and activating comms and experiential – everywhere from South Korea to Spain.
  • And in just the past 12 months we’ve become Kellogg’s EMEA agency for W.K.Kellogg, creating pan-European work with UK experiential and activation happening post COVID.

Creating work that delivers internationally is second nature to us.


We love translating our passion off the pitch into our passion on it. From making Paul O’Connell go head-to-head with a rhino, to making music with Usain Bolt, our love of sports has fed into the agency’s work and resulted in plenty of experience in sports marketing. Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we’ve done in this field.

BOYS+GIRLS+Three Ireland

The best teams produce the best results. Three Ireland is our biggest client, and we’ve been working together since 2013. We’re hugely proud of the work we’ve produced together, but even more so of the relationship we’ve built with the Three team. It’s a phrase that’s often overused, but only through genuine collaboration could we have turned the Three brand into the most creatively awarded brand in the country.

Three now sit 2nd in the market, behind Vodafone who consistently outspend us 3 to 1. We could spend endless time showing you our favourite campaigns from the past few years but first we’d like to introduce you to The Covenant, a collaborative creative belief that each member of the team signs up to.


In a low interest category, we will create a brand that is valued.

Three are a challenger brand innovated from the start and we have an ambitious, meaningful brand purpose. We will be a brand people give a shit about!

Three will do right from the start. Prove we are useful in our customers’ lives. Step outside the category. Inspire people to think of us differently.

We will push for world-class creativity. We will refuse to settle.

We will make it count.


Since the introduction of The Covenant, not only has the work excelled but the overall brand health scores for Three have increased significantly. On average, Three’s brand health has increased from 34 to 38 points, with a record peak of 42 point this year. Back of the net.

Match Day Squad

At Boys+Girls, we know the only way to get results is with teamwork. So here’s your match day squad. It’s one hell of a lineup.


Don’t just take our word for it. Let’s hear from some pundits. Our clients and partners who we work with day in, day out.

The Final Whistle

That’s it for now. But the game has only just begun. We look forward to the result but for now Here are some highlights of the action on the pitch: