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by Laurence O’Byrne, Creative Director

Sometimes logic gets in the way of creativity. Really striking work overrides logic. Burberry’s ‘Singing in the Rain’ Christmas ad, with its giant pieces of hail falling down on the streets of London, is a great example of this.

A lady grabs a bag of chips and walks out of the chipper. With bad weather looming the story unfolds. A group of contemporary dancers join her in a choreographed dance as they make their way to the ocean for a quick dip.

But how about the script?

I doubt there was a very detailed one. It’s the kind of idea that you can write down in a couple of lines which can only be a good thing. Overthinking a concept like this would suck the life out of it. It’s a piece of work that would die in a nano-second in research: “Falling blocks of ice are dangerous, the song is called ‘Singing in the Rain’ but it’s not raining so the ad doesn’t make sense”. My point is that unicorns don’t make sense but, in a lot of ways, that’s where the magic lies. Beyond logic are gut feelings, bold visuals and brave clients making things that people haven’t seen before.

In execution, it has craft built into every frame and the type of visual storytelling that pushes boundaries by the talented ‘Megaforce’ directing quartet. It’s beautifully crafted from every piece of VFX ice that smashes onto the street to the distinctive vocals by Dreya Mac. Burberry’s clothes are captured in every shot but not forced in.

This ad is entertaining and fresh, which is exactly what makes me like it.