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by Rory Hamilton, CCO

Posters have always been the purest form of advertising. They require brevity above all else. A reduction of advertising to its core principles. Just some words and a still image in service of an idea. It’s this simplicity that has always made the simple poster the toughest testing ground for any idea.
It seems as though that discipline has been lacking in the posters that we have been seeing
for ages. We let our guard down. First we started adding URLs and logos for our Social
Media accounts. And don’t get me started on the “Find us on Facebook” phenomenon of
the early 2000’s – where else would your Facebook page be?
As we got lazy so the poster’s impact and effectiveness started to wane. We began to use
them tactically, loading them up with extra details that robbed them of their standout
superpower – that of simplicity.
But like all good things, the poster is back. IKEA’s recent campaign brought posters back to what they do best – brand building. Their Sleep campaign showcases the rejuvenating
power of a good night sleep so in a way that even the Rabbit and Hare film can’t match.

A visual masterclass that contains every element you need and nothing that you don’t.