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by Aoife Murphy, Executive Strategy Director

Ever bought something, worn it, and returned it anyway? If you answered yes, apparently lots of other people do too, and it costs the fashion industry $15billion a year.

Instead of blacklisting serial returners or making a stricter returns policy, Italian fashion giant, Diesel, encouraged the practice.

Their ‘Enjoy Before Returning’ campaign for the autumn/winter line asked people to wear their clothes with the label out and return them to the store – no questions asked.

The launch featured a fashion show where all the models’ clothes had the labels on display and Diesel turned the exact words of their returns policy into a music video.

The unexpected angle and edgy, 90s punk style execution gives the brand a sense of quiet rebellion while also showcasing the clothes beautifully.

Why we like it

Fashion is getting a bad rap at the minute on the sustainability front. Without preaching about their environmental strategy, Diesel actively leans into the circular economy movement. And they’re doing it with an attitude that makes Diesel look and feel distinct in what can sometimes be a same-y category.

Brand experiential should give you a clear sense of the brand and let you experience the product. This does both incredibly well.

What can we learn from it?

Oftentimes, marketers are asked to move consumers from one behaviour to another. Accentuating or leveraging existing behaviour is often overlooked when it could be the path of least resistance.

Here, the confident approach of bringing a closed behaviour out into the open, ended up leading to reduced online and in-store return rate.

What early behaviours or trends are you seeing around your product or brand that you could lean into?