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by Pat Stephenson, Chief Relationship Officer

Great work makes everything better. Better results, more satisfaction, better commercials. Everything. We’ve believed that for a looong time now. But it’s still rejuvenating when you get a large jolt of great work mainlined into your system. Which is exactly what’s happened to me over the weeks and months since we joined By The Network – an international network of the world’s leading independent agencies.
Getting to know our amazing co-members has been – and is –  exhilarating. Literally every agency is top of their game  – sectorally or geographically – with best in class agencies all over the world from MrPositive in Tokyo to Girls Are Awesome.
So for Stuff We Like I wanted to pull out three of the best pieces I’ve seen from some of our new agency friends.

The Hiring Chain by Small

This is a really simple idea, brilliantly executed about the circular, multiplier effect of hiring someone with Down Syndrome – brought to life with a great song, sung by Sting. What’s not to like?

This has absolutely beasted the award shows, and rightly so, picking up Silver and Bronze at Cannes, Graphite and Wood & D&AD and 2 Gold and a Silver at New York Festival. Small are such an incredible agency – their work for Diesel is absolutely top notch.

2030 Calculator by The Farm

Climate Change can feel like an impossible thing to try and tackle. At this stage most people realise there is a significant problem but other than some basic behaviours it can feel almost impossible to try and make meaningful changes.

This idea from the awesome people at The Farm in Stockholm is a brilliantly simple prompt – A Carbon Calculator that allows any business to showcase the potential Carbon footprint of everything you buy – so as a consumer you are aware and can make better choices.

An idea build with utility and ease in mind, again this swept the floor at the awards shows winning a Grand Prix at Cannes, a D&AD Yellow Pencil and a Grand Prix at Eurobest.

White Towels by Mortier Brigade

Lastly this is a devastatingly simple idea from Mortier Brigade in Belgium that attempts to bring to life the real horror of the situation facing many refugees trying to get into Europe.  It tackles the problem of these issues feeling so removed from our day to day – and manages to make them feel all too real.

Like the best ideas its simplicity is its strength…

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the surface when it comes to the amazing work and agencies within By The Network but if like me you take energy and stimulation from seeing great work feel free to check out and get mainlining.