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by Keeva Bolger, Producer

As a kid, the best present you got at Christmas was the one that came in the biggest cardboard box. With a little imagination, that box could become a race car, a castle, a pirate ship or a rocket. The possibilities were endless.

Now Samsung have gone and made cardboard boxes even cooler with a sustainability initiative that aims to reduce waste by repurposing cardboard packaging.

In collaboration with Papersmith, a paper artist, they created Small World, a beautiful world made entirely from cardboard packaging. This world was then brought to life in a 30-second animation.

Papersmith’s designs are available to download as a make-it-yourself collection, so kids big and small can create their own magical worlds.
This follows the introduction of Samsung Eco-Packaging last year, which shows consumers how to upcycle their packaging into various home furniture items like magazine racks or even TV stands.
If ever you needed an excuse to buy that pair of runners or, I guess, that new TV. Hmmm, wait a minute.