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by Sarah Sherry, Business Director

Haircut or holiday? I obviously need both badly but this really nice piece from Tourism New Zealand has me yearning for a great big adventure more than a haircut. (Maybe I should just embrace my mousy brown hair, maybe I was never meant to be blonde….) 

This simple and clever TV ad is targeted specifically at Australians, it aims to spark the emotional longing in Australians to experience a unique and meaningful New Zealand holiday as a quarantine-free travel bubble has just opened between the neighbouring countries. 

As with all tourism ads it highlights both the welcoming people and stunning landscapes of New Zealand that we are all familiar with. But it’s the entertaining narrative that sets this apart. It’s the story of a dreaming Australian and a New Zealand guide as they experience a literal ‘dream’ holiday in New Zealand. The charming down-to-earth tone makes you smile and it’s what tips this from being your bog standard tourism ad into a really nice entertaining story that will make more than the Aussies want to visit. 

Of course, throughout the dream, the pair take part in a range of tourist experiences, such as fine dining, jet boating, cycling through a vineyard, and star gazing in a hot tub, simple and effective. 

It’s titled ‘Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go’

Now get me on a plane soon, please!