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by Bairbre McGlade, Senior Art Director

Heading out for a walk is the new ‘out out’, or rather the only ‘out out’ we have right now. So, it’s a real pity that OOH hasn’t appeared on more media plans over the past year. It’s a great format when used well, as this beautifully minimalist McDonald’s campaign from the UK demonstrates.

The campaign of three executions highlights McDonald’s home delivery, and just how powerful good branding can be. The image shows just half of the golden arches logo beaming into homes, with the simple line ‘We Deliver’. The houses featured include a range of classic architecture familiar across the UK, from terraced houses to tower blocks. This campaign ran across Print and Digital OOH sites in February.

It’s 50% more logo than last year’s campaign, which featured only a list of ingredients that make up some of McDonald’s menu—the Filet-O-Fish, Egg McMuffin and Big Mac. Those ads featured no logo, only McDonald’s typeface and its colour palette.

If you missed Margaret Gilsenan’s recent IAPI interview with one of Ireland’s great brand philosophers, John Fanning, you can watch it here to hear more about why branding is still an essential ingredient in building a successful business.