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by Shane Casey, Creative Director + Head of Digital

What’s on your Amazon wishlist? 

Everybody’s got those couple of things they’ve wanted for a while but not everyone’s reasons are the same. For example if you were a displaced migrant sleeping rough at Calais, the things you’d wish for might be a matter of life or death. 

This insight led L’Auberge des Migrants, a French humanitarian NGO, and BETC Paris to hit on Amazon as the perfect platform to raise awareness of the plight of these people in the midst of a pandemic.

Real migrants’ stories were used to hijack product reviews across, highlighting the aid they so desperately need and humanising their situation by contrasting their needs to yours. The reviews directed shoppers to wishlists that allowed them to easily donate directly to the charity in a meaningful way.

No convoluted stunts, no elaborate shoot, no production costs – just a beautifully simple way of repurposing the biggest marketplace in the world to raise awareness and empower people to help. Watch the full story here.