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by Kris Clarkin, Creative Director.

My wife is a lawyer and is, in every way, smarter than I am. For instance, I never read the small print. Had I dared to check it on our marriage certificate I would have found the ‘Back of beyond clause’ where I am contractually obliged to drive 5+ hours to North-West Mayo every single August from the year of our marriage until death do us part. So, while technically I have been on a beach this year. I have not been on a ‘BEACH’ beach! That is, one where you don’t also have to pack wellies, waterproofs, and a puffer jacket “just in case.”

I feel guilty admitting this, especially given that there are many more important issues in the world right now, but I would love to be able to go on a proper beach holiday. And that sense of longing is exactly what Uncommon’s ‘Someday’ spot for ‘On the Beach’ taps into. 

The 2-minute piece features a throng of joyous holidaymakers running in slow-motion along a glorious sandy beach, while none other than Iggy Pop, a man who has seen it all, recounts what we’ve all been through over the last year while also reminding us that the beach will be ours again someday.

Making an ad for a company that sells beach holidays when people can’t go on beach holidays could have come off as insensitive or flippant. But this is an effortless piece of work that captures the mood of millions perfectly.

Maybe next August…