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Hunting Monsters

The weirdest shoot we were never on.

Covid-19+Data Usage

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic data usage surged, as everyone started staying in touch via video calls. Three Ireland decided to do their bit by removing all usage restriction on their All You Can Eat data service. Our job was to create a TV-spot to announce this news.

At the time, the ad breaks were saturated with a mix of ads featuring empty streets and shops or user generated spots, shot on the public’s smartphones, so we knew we would have to do something different to stand out. We decided to embrace the creative constraints with a spot that brought this new offering to life – an emotive story about a grandad helping his grandson hunt for a monster in his bedroom.

The challenge was figuring out how we could shoot an ad during lockdown that didn’t look like it was shot in lockdown. 

This spot was written, presented, filmed, and produced entirely remotely. Directed by Tom Merilion of Speers Films, from his home in France, the ad is a true testament of the power of data and connection. The cast, together with their families, shot their respective parts in their homes using custom-built self-shooting rigs. Windmill Lane handled the post with production company, agency and client attending edits, grade, and VFX viewings via video conference. Our VO artist even had to record his lines in his wardrobe under a duvet because he couldn’t go into the sound studio.

Everyone involved worked tirelessly to find a creative solution around the obstacles we encountered. It wasn’t an easy process, but the viewer doesn’t know that or care for that matter, so it was important for us to demonstrate that we can continue to produce work to a high standard regardless of the situation.

The ad has been received well by the public and the industry, with Three’s brand health scores improving as a direct result. It has also been held up as a best-in-class example by Orlando Wood, chief innovation officer at System1 who test every TV spot that runs in US and UK. Orlando even discussed the ad with Peter Field on Swedish TV and at Lions Live 2020, a virtual event held by Cannes Lions.