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Come In for BeLong To

IAPI have launched ‘Come In’, a campaign with BeLong To for Stand Up Awareness Week.

The campaign urges us all to ‘come in’, to show our support for the LGBTI community and to stand up against LGBTI bullying in secondary schools. The unique IAPI collaboration, between 16 different agencies, created the ‘come in’ campaign to target those outside the LGBTI community, to act as an ally, or as the line of the campaign states: “if everyone chose to come in, no one would have to come out”. Udi Ovadia, one of our Senior Art Directors worked closely with IAPI and other agencies to develop this campaign from the initial meeting right through to producing the films.

The campaign features 3 main social films, showing different characters ‘coming in’, with a call to others to also ‘come in’ and show their support.

The campaign is running to promote Stand Up Week, taking place across the nation in secondary schools from the 11th – 15th November, also highlighting that students can wear a rainbow jumper to school to show their support to friends and classmates.

Check out the films here:

For more information, check out IAPI’s website: