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Boyz on Top

Boyz on Top is an original comedy series written and directed by Boys + Girls creative duo, Sam & Mikey. The 6-part mocumentary follows a boyband from the noughties as they make one final desperate attempt at a comeback. The HeadStuff original series was born out of a successful Kickstarter campaign lead by the lads themselves, and was created in collaboration with Boys + Girls, Failsafe Films, Promenade Post, Windmill Lane and Locky Butler Sound. 

The story follows delusional lead singer, Dylan St James, as he attempts to follow in the footsteps of his idols Take That, Boyzone and Westlife, with a long awaited reunion. But his last ditch attempts at fame don’t go to plan, as he fights against a lack of relevance, interest and talent. 

The series features 4 original songs, and a host of Irish comedy talent, as it pays homage to the nation’s weird fascination with boybands, giving a funny take on where the less lucky ones ended up. 

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