Three Arena

Back in February, we were asked to create an identity for Ireland’s largest music venue (building previously know as the O2) which, from autumn would be sponsored by Three. Our brief was firstly to come up with a name for the Venue, one that would clearly establish Three’s association with the property and communicate that this was a premium venue; one that would provide an unparalleled live music experience. Having discounted many of the more humorous names currently circulating on twitter (T(h)ree House etc) in favour of something that would last, we settled on 3Arena.

Our next challenge was to create a logo that connected the Three brand to the venue itself. Our solution for the 3Arena was a combination of two powerful elements: the existing, iconic Three brand symbol and three coloured blocks inspired by the modular pattern that can be observed throughout the venue’s architecture. This provided us with the basis, not just for the logo itself, but for everything from ticket design to the bars and the furniture inside.