Powers It’s Ours

Hold a glass of Powers in your hand, and you can’t help but hold it up to your eye and peer into the liquid. It’s honest, elemental. It reflects the ingredients, the craft, but also times when a Powers has marked a great occasion like a weekend with your friends. As the endline says “It’s Ours” -it’s Irish through and through.

The campaign was shot in locations around the country. The Burren was photographed to provide the basis for the Hot Powers execution. Ladies View in Killarney was shot showcasing a changing Irish landscape. A Barley field in Louth captured a key ingredient in the Whiskey and Ballintoy Harbour in Armagh provided a memory of a great weekend. Authenticity and craft were the watchwords for the campaign. With such an authentic product, it was important that we captured the landscape honestly, with retouching being used to integrate the landscape into the liquid.