Digital Biscuit

Digital Biscuit is Ireland’s Film and Television Forum designed to promote collaboration across the industry. The 3-day event takes place every January in Dublin’s Science Gallery.

Boys and Girls were engaged to raise the profile of Digital Biscuit 2015.

We developed a new visual identity, created a thought-provoking cinematic promo and on the week of the conference we produced a web video for the main event, which became one of the most watched and shared videos in Ireland that week.

Together with director, Brian Williams, we made this beautifully handcrafted (if we do say so ourselves) cinema promo. Shot almost entirely in-camera, the piece explores the abstract machine that is the creative process. We used the visual language of a movie title sequence to communicate the types of people the forum is aimed at.



David Chase, famed creator of The Sopranos, was the main speaker at Digital Biscuit 2015. To draw attention to the fact that this legend of television was speaking in Ireland we made a shot-for-shot recreation of the shows iconic opening titles using Dublin as our backdrop. John Connors, one of our very own Love/Hate gangsters plays the lead role.

All the major news and entertainment sites in Ireland picked up the video.




We created a modern and distinctive visual identity for the forum. The new logo mark combines two Ds to make a distinctive B. This meeting of elements is continues throughout the visual look to signify the unique collaborations, which are necessary to create great film. 


Creative Director – Rory Hamilton

Art Director – Laurence O’Byrne

Copywriter – Kris Clarkin

Design – Shane O’Riordan

Director (promo) – Brian Williams

Director (Sopranos) – Gerard Walsh