Aldi – Kids Rugby Panel

Aldi wanted to get more kids involved in rugby, and spread the word of their Aldi Play Rugby programme. So for this year’s Six Nations, we decided to really get kids more involved in rugby by creating a rugby TV programme for kids, starring kids, that was shot live over 8 weeks. What could possibly go wrong?

Hosted by Barry Murphy, The Aldi Kids Rugby Panel saw Aldi broadcast a total of 20 live ads over the course of the Six Nations. Every matchday, Barry was joined in-studio by three expert panellists; Donncha (7), Dylan (8) & Charlotte (9) and out-and-about was roving reporter, Charlie (9).

There were highs, there were lows, there were tears, there were tantrums – but once the creatives got themselves together, there was a mammoth campaign that got more than just the kids talking.