Apr 08/13

Tango & Cashing in.

Posted by Patrick

As anyone is advertising will know Nostalgia is a great thing. Harking back to the past for future reward. Nothing quite like it.

There’s no shame in it. Everybody loves being reminded of ‘better times’. Why do you think there are so many old school sweet shops popping up. Even Milk

Apr 01/13

Improving Creative Thinking

Posted by Margaret

The BBC have been running a great Horizon series with one episode focused on creativity, called The Creative Brain How Insight Works. Apparently one of the big blocks in thinking more creatively is something called functional fixedness which becomes more hardwired as we get older and makes it more difficult

Mar 28/13

Eau d’Whimsy

Posted by Frances

Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola worked together on the magnificent ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and have teamed up again for Prada’s perfume ‘Candy’. There appear to be three ads following the  whimsical story of a young quirky beauty with amazing hair and nails. Her quirkiness makes up for the fact that she

Mar 25/13

Ode to fans

Posted by Rory

This week sees our new and first TV ad for Three break. It’s called “An ode to fans” and it was made to celebrate Three’s sponsorship of the Irish Team for the World Cup Qualifiers, but more importantly to celebrate Irish fans.

Irish football fans haven’t had it too easy of

Mar 07/13

Welcome to Zaconey!

Posted by Pat

The fruits of a 9 month labour of love for Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard and Boys and Girls were proudly shown to the world last night with the launch of their entirely exciting new spirit drink Zaconey.

It’s a completely new style of spirit – a bourbon hearted spirit with a twist

Mar 04/13

Meet Walter…

Posted by Julie

SXSW 2013 kicks off this week in Texas, showcasing hives of talent under the usual categories of film, music and interactive. The difference this year, however, is Walter, JWT’s pop-up agency which will create a marketing strategy for a select few promising techie startups.

Walter will meet 25 startups over the

Mar 03/13

Coke spreads happiness with free cash!

Posted by Sara

Dubbed the ‘ATM of Happiness’, this campaign drove happiness into the heart of communities. ATMs that dispensed €100 noted for free popped up in high footfall areas– but with a catch.

Recipients had to promise to share the money, to bring others a little piece of joy (suggestions were given

Mar 03/13

Argo f**k yourself!

Posted by Patrick

I had a very interesting conversation with Jonny the other day about the decline in the quality of Album artwork and it’s connection to the increase in popularity of digitised music. Initially caused by the move to CD’s but then exacerbated by the popularity of MP3 downloads.

This blog isn’t

Mar 01/13

Can’t touch this

Posted by Chris

Adidas revealed their new college basketball strip this week…to a social media out-cry of “OMG”. Although the new gear is indeed ‘the bomb’ when it comes to smart sports’ materials, its ‘impact-camo’ designs have left people a little perturbed. So much so, US media are saying that nothing has been

Feb 22/13

…and all very Hush Hush

Posted by Chris

Experiential Marketing has become increasingly popular as a way for brands to make a deeper and (one hopes) longer-lasting connection with consumers. With peoples’ attention now being the most rare and precious commodity for marketeers, the idea of them choosing to engage and spend time with your brand is a