Jun 19/13

A fishy tale.

Posted by Anne

Last week saw the launch of our new ad for Three’s ‘All You Can Eat Everything’ deal.  The idea was simple, the offer CHOMP delivered by a MUNCH animated sequence of CRUNCH ravenous fish.

However, time was tight. A throat-tightening, pant-wetting, three and a half weeks tight.

But like a

Jun 14/13

A Classic, Re-invented!

Posted by Sara

Special K roadshow coming to a town near you!

Olivia & Raisa Launch the Special K Roadshow

The Special K roadshow will launch in Lucan today from 10am – 6pm,where our promotional team will be delivering delicious new samples of Special K! The new formula is now even more nutritious with

Jun 14/13

Carroll’s Ham – New Work & New People.

Posted by admin

Hello. It’s me. I’m new. Very new. So new, I don’t have a name yet. Round here, they call me ‘admin’. But in the office, I go by Connor.

A friend of mine was in a rock band a few years back. They experienced moderate success. So much so that they

Jun 09/13


Posted by Sara

The Campo Viejo Tapas Trail launches in Dublin today for the 3rd year running!

Now an annual celebration of the best of Spanish cuisine and wine, the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail allows participants to enjoy the unique colourful social experience of going from eatery to eatery and sharing a selection of

May 17/13


Posted by mary

Follain is the latest gem of a brand that we’ve been delighted to work with.

Their brief was simple – focus on promoting the jar in a creative way while highlighting how it’s made from a recipe passed on from generation to generation in Cúil Aodha, Co. Cork. After much thought,

May 15/13

Piece of Cake.

Posted by admin

The creativity and competitiveness in Boys and Girls went into overdrive when we hosted our annual Tea Day for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland on the 9th of May.

Our boardroom was turned into something from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and possibly for the first time the lego table wasn’t the

May 09/13

Brand Buildings.

Posted by Patrick

I fancy a rant today. Nothing new there but this one has simmered away in the back of my mind for a long time and it bubbles to the top every time I read an article like this.

Two things about it disappoint me. First is the myopia that exists in

May 07/13

Beer guy is a perfect bore.

Posted by Rory

He’s long been an advertising staple, the hero. Women want him and men want to be him. He’s handsome, of course, but not too generically good looking, (you can tell that I have written this casting brief myself from time to time). The hero is also an expert at anything

Apr 18/13

Very Clever

Posted by Fiona

It doesn’t really need the line, the image says it all. A very clever ad that captures the reaction to Margaret Thatcher’s death. It shows the impact a really simple idea can have

Apr 14/13

Had a Break…

Posted by Pat

Does retro ever go out of fashion?

From Facebook pages crying out for the return of the fallen amphibian ice king, the Fat Frog, through to inexplicable returns to fashion for such horrific items as the NHS glasses/Leather patch combo so beloved to the rightly persecuted hipsters, retro certainly seems