Dec 14/10


Posted by Chris

I first saw Tron in my first ever mechanical drawing class. Stroke of genius on behalf of the teacher. Of course we thought it was a cool film (this was in the early 90’s when it was cool to say cool), but he then used it to explain the basic

Dec 09/10

“Hello all ISPs of the world.”

Posted by Chris

There’s been a lot written about how the influence and actions of governments and big business (including the social and search giants) is changing how we use the internet and also what we can access on it. And there have been a lot of experts, authors and action groups trying

Dec 08/10

Finally, a use for Christmas Tweets

Posted by Chris

Bringing the digital world into the physical world can lead to some very engaging idea’s. And Tweetwrap is one of these. As part of the Samsung RF510 laptop Christmas campaign, it allows you customize your own Xmas wrapping paper with a selection of Christmas tweets, and then order a roll

Dec 06/10

You know it's christmas when…

Posted by Pat

What makes a classic year on year, ‘it ain’t Christmas till you see it’ Christmas ad? Those adverts that people year after year look forward to.

Favourites like…

Guinness Corn Flakes Budweiser

The amazing positivity and goodwill that is created around a brand with a classic xmas advert makes them an incredibly valuable marketing tool

Dec 03/10

Okay, so maybe this web thing is here to stay.

Posted by Patrick

I find talking to people who really understand the internet can be a difficult experience. They speak too fast for a start, have that ‘everybody know’s that you idiot’ tone of voice and quite often slip into a language that is closer to Binary Code than English.

But fear not. Those nice

Dec 03/10

Daring Simplicity or Daringly Simple?

Posted by Margaret

For any of you who know us, you will know that our agency mantra is ‘Daring Simplicity’.

And as earlier blogs this week will have told you, it is brass monkeys in 14 Pembroke Road. Here’s the view into our garden

Lots and lots of innovative ways of staying warm have

Dec 01/10

24 Sleeps 'til Christmas

Posted by boysandgirls


This is the second exectuion in our campaign of ads for Dundrum Town Centre this Christmas, and it’s airing today. Only 24 sleeps to Christmas. Well for everyone except Patrick – who is too excited to sleep at all now that it’s the 1st of December.

Vice President of Christmas Cheer,

Nov 30/10

Nothing like a virtually real fire on a cold day

Posted by Patrick


Thanks to Bairbre for this. The noise of it alone is enough to fool me into thinking its not brass monkeys in the office.


Nov 30/10

Hats off to the new Budweiser ad…please.

Posted by Rory

The new Bud ad’s not that new, but it’s been chewing away at me for the last while.

It shows a group of cool young urbanites (Los Angelinos as the radio DJ helpfully breaks up the music to tell us) coming together in a city at night to do something special.

Nov 26/10

0 sleeps t'ill the new Dundrum Town Centre campaign

Posted by boysandgirls


Tonight’s Toy Show night, one of the most exciting nights of the TV year. What will the jumper be? What will the little girl with the glasses give Barbie’s Dream house out of 10 and what is she taking away marks for? And just how many little kids will subject