Oct 18/13

Three Little Words…

Posted by Pat

Pass the marmalade. Bring home milk. Go on son! Boys and Girls. There’s a lot that can be communicated in just Three Little Words.

At this is where our lovely new advert for Three came in.

The good people at Three understand that every single word can count. That’s why they

Oct 04/13

Kinsale Sharks

Posted by admin

Our trip to Kinsale for the Shark awards seems like a long time ago. Since then we’ve been to El Salvador for the least traditional Christmas in memory (being both in Central America and in September) and filming on the streets of Dublin for Three.

Kinsale is a trip that

Sep 26/13

Popular Music

Posted by Patrick

Here’s something I don’t get. Watch these two TVC’s:

Two ads. Two brands. Two completely different products. Same music. Worse than that they were is the same ad break. How do you let this happen?

Given the time we spend trying to make ideas original it doesn’t make sense to me spend

Sep 20/13

TV drives brand word of mouth

Posted by Margaret

This month’s Admap has an interesting article on influencers of word of mouth. It points out that we spend a lot of time measuring the word of mouth itself without thinking about what initiates the ‘chat’. Thinkbox research looked at the relationship between paid, owned and earned media on brand

Sep 20/13

Boys and Girls are everywhere!

Posted by Margaret

Our namesake gets 5 stars in reviews of the Dublin Fringe Festival, but only 2 days left to catch it.

Sep 16/13

Boys and Girls Six Shark Haul

Posted by Pat

We’re were absolutely delighted with our haul at this weekends Kinsale Sharks International Creative Festival.

We picked up 6 awards across TV, Design, Press and Outdoor – which delightfully makes us a many trick pony – and which puts us top of the heap awards wise within Irish Advertising agencies for

Sep 05/13

the little things

Posted by admin

The new Sainsbury’s campaign shows how little it takes to make a lovely ad. It doesn’t have a big budget, or a huge concept. It’s simple, product focused and immediate and yet with a little creativity they have made something that stands above the usual supermarket dross.

Above all, The

Aug 07/13

Marmite. Love it, or Ban it.

Posted by Rory


I was sad to hear that the new Marmite campaign faces being being taken off air after more than 250 complaints. I think its a beautifully considered execution of a really strong idea. What do you think?


Jul 19/13

Insert Bland Here.

Posted by Rory

There are very few rules in the Creative Department. That doesn’t mean that we all smoke indoors and show up to work every other Tuesday, this is a place of business. It’s just that a brief can take you anywhere and if you’re open to it, great ideas are often

Jul 16/13


Posted by Patrick

This was the outline of my argument at the recent Marketing Society Debate on ‘The Future of Marketing’:

The Future of marketing is a mystery. Not a puzzle.

In his article in the Smithsonian Magazine in 2007, Gregory Treverton, a US National Security expert, compared the difference between the old ‘cold