Mar 21/14

Be Extraordinary

Posted by Chris

We are delighted to have picked up two awards at the 2014 Caribbean Advertising Federation ADDY Awards, both for our client Digicel.

Our “Be extraordinary” TV commercial won Best of show overall while our campaign for the launch of the Digicel DL600 Smartphone won Silver.

In the words of the judging panel,

Mar 07/14

Space: The Final Frontier

Posted by Mark

Too often media space, whether it be press, digital or out-of-home, goes completely underutilised by advertisers who fail to recognise the potential of such space by not taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.

Understanding and taking into consideration the environment in which the media space lives is

Mar 05/14

Countdown 3…2…1

Posted by Kieran

Three Football

This season we’re kicking off every Premier League kick off with a 30 second countdown from Three Mobile. From 30 to 1, we countdown the tense seconds before the game. Each number, each second, a visual celebration of the pre-game preparation of the fans and players. The 30 seconds

Feb 14/14

When The World Zags, Zig.

Posted by Mark

On the 2nd February we saw the 48th annual Superbowl take place, and with it brought fierce and costly competition between top ad-visories. It also featured an American football game where two teams, who’s localities preceded two obscure animals’ names, fought hard for victory but which ultimately ended in a

Jan 15/14

Wanted: Senior Strategic Planner

Posted by Patrick

Boys and Girls are looking for a Girl or Boy to fill the role of Senior Strategic Planner. We’re looking for someone with a sharp strategic mind and a creative disposition who can lead the strategic direction of key clients by inspiring, exciting and persuading both clients and creative alike.


Jan 14/14

Enforcing a fresh perspective on dangerous driving.

Posted by Pat

There is only so much shock and awe or shlock and gore that a person can take before they switch off.

This is of course unfortunate for the makers of the likes of Saw 8 but also for the Road Safety Authority whose run of staggeringly hard hitting adverts have

Dec 12/13

Sometimes you get lucky

Posted by Fiona

Sometimes you have to just let it happen! Nissan Ireland brought over 2 Nissan Juke Nismos that had been modified for use by the Ministry of Sound. They asked us to find events that the cars could turn up to and play their music. We brought them to parks at

Dec 09/13

Robot delivery…It’s talking off!

Posted by admin

This week the media was sent into a spin with the announcement that Amazon flying drones or “Prime Air” bots may be delivering packages to our very doors by 2015.

This is no doubt an exciting technological development, but Amazon is not alone in their quest to develop a robot delivery

Nov 15/13

Three Christmas

Posted by admin

Our new Christmas ad for Three finally breaks today, we have been counting the sleeps until we could share it. It’s called “The Little Things” and it tells the story of two Christmas decorations who meet on the tree and fall in love. Every year they are separated and every

Oct 25/13

Halloween Scares!

Posted by Sara

Check out our scary video created for Rice Krispie Scares here Haunted Vending Machine

You’ll never look at a vending machine the same way again…

Happy Halloween!