Jan 03/13

A Sublime Disruption.

Posted by Frances

These glum opening chapters of January can make one feel a tad bit:

So, please allow me to introduce you to a beautiful video from the very talented Gareth Nolan. Come, people, let us dream of far off places.

A Sublime Disruption

Dec 17/12

Partnering With Pepsi

Posted by Julie

Last week Pepsi announced a $50 million partnership deal with Beyoncé. The deal includes a limited edition Pepsi can, designed by the super star and Pepsi, which will hit the stores in 2013. This is a first for Pepsi and a mark of how iconic the creative partnership is.

The interesting

Dec 10/12


Posted by eoin

Love this from Adidas…

Timely, simple and pretty… What’s not to like?

Dec 04/12

Festive Musings

Posted by eoin

There was more than a bad hangover lingering after our Christmas party last Thursday night.

For some unknown reason this ‘decorative piece’remains in our boardroom…

Dec 03/12

Boys & Girl in Barbados.

Posted by Pat

We’ve been working on a really exciting new campaign for the good people of Digicel which is launching in January.

Given a target market in the Caribbean and Central America we needed better weather than could be found in Europe. And so a branch of team Digicel (Rory, Frances and

Nov 23/12

To use a celebrity or not?

Posted by Fiona

Churchill TV Ad

A topic that has been debated back and forth for many years. There are the obvious advantages of having a famous person associated with your brand but the flip side of the coin is when that celebrity does something wrong. High profile examples in the past include Tiger

Nov 19/12

Rainy Days and Mondays

Posted by Sara

Eleven million commuters rely on Tokyo’s public transport system. Every morning. The railway companies have to employ Oshiya – ‘white gloved pushers’ who shove people into the carriages. ‘Tokyo Compression’ is the unique collection of Tokyo commuters captured by Michael Wolf. These brought a smile to my face… everytime I

Nov 18/12

This week’s links.

Posted by Rory

Each week, i’d like to write a blog about what happened in the creative department over the last 7 days. The videos we sent around, the music we overplayed (Mary, I am looking in your general direction), and the ads we loved and hated.

First-up is the music from Crystal

Nov 15/12

Smart ubiquity

Posted by Chris

For many of us, smart phones have become such an everyday part of our lives’, we barely notice how much we use them. And it’s this “couldn’t live without it” usefulness that has lead to their rapid growth. Figures released by Google earlier this year showed smartphone ownership has reached

Nov 12/12

It’s Ours

Posted by Jonathon

Big print campaigns are few and far between these days. As are week-long shoots all around Ireland. However when your brand is rooted in Irishness as Powers is, and when your product is a byword for authentic craft and quality – there’s no point in doing things any other way