Feb 17/13

Are we being conned, or getting what we pay for?

Posted by Margaret

This is not new, in 1981 the ‘Skippy’ burger jokes abounded when Australian companies were found to be selling ‘beef’ to the USA which subsequently transpired to contain kangaroo and other ‘non beef’ meat. Now it is the countless horse jokes…

Last year the Journal of Food Science published a list

Feb 14/13

A man for all Seasons…especially in the latest spring/summer collection

Posted by Pat

Boys and Girls towers is three boys lighter this week with Patrick, Jonnie and Rory off in NYC.

We’re working in collaboration with a great agency called Full Six over there on a very exciting top secret project for one of our existing clients. So far so exciting…so we thought.

It turns

Feb 12/13

Hurdling into the Mad Ad World

Posted by admin

I’ll begin with a brief introduction. My name is Lauren, the latest addition and intern here at Boys and Girls. Given that this is my 8th week here, according to the powers that be, it’s time that I contribute to the blog. Having racked my brains for something interesting to write

Feb 11/13

Festival Fever

Posted by Rory

Last Friday, while our backs were turned, our new ads for the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival snuck out the back door. They were ready, graded, clocked and sound mixed, but it’s always nice to be able to pack their school lunch and wipe their faces with a licked-hanky before

Feb 10/13

Sky leads the way – again

Posted by Fiona

This summer will see the launch of Sky Adsmart in the UK on a limited basis with national roll out in 2014. It gives advertisers the ability to target different ads to different households based on the information they have submitted to Sky. Ads can be targeted based on location,

Feb 04/13

Just wait for the highlights.

Posted by Patrick

When I was a child I loved the Superbowl. I stayed up every year to watch the whole thing. You might think that staying up until 3am on Monday morning would be frowned upon with school the next day and normally you’d be right. However I was lucky enough that

Jan 27/13

A lesson from Lincoln

Posted by Margaret

There is a great quote of a quote in the Lincoln film from Mr Lincoln himself, that we should all keep at the back of our minds, as both clients and agencies, when we write a brief

“I could write shorter sermons but when I get started I’m too lazy

Jan 23/13

Only fools rush in.

Posted by Frances

For only £135,000 you can now make your very own marriage proposal TV ad. That’s right! You’ll  feature in a 30-second commercial which will broadcast your marriage proposal in a “creative, personalised and sensational fashion”. And the best part? It will be shown to hundreds of thousands of people on

Jan 18/13

Motherhood bullseye

Posted by Rory

When you work in advertising, it’s easy to think that everyone has as much interest in the subject as you do. Easy and foolish. I’ve spent years forcing my wife to watch the ad breaks on TV, discussing the brief and execution, figuring out what the creatives really wanted and

Jan 16/13

Cyber Stalking just got easier

Posted by Chris

Facebook have just released their latest search tool, Graph Search. As clarified by Mark Zuckerberg, Graph Search is “not web search” as it is not intended for general queries, but is designed for specific queries that deliver specific content. A handy tool for any budding cyber stalkers out there, given