Our Award Winning Home


We’ve nearly been in our new home Bloomfield House for a year now. When we moved in the building was still a work in progress. But over the weeks the building took shape and became the space we work and play in today.

It goes without saying that we all love it, designed by Marc Kilkenny-Architects (“MK-A”) every inch of the space feels tailored to how we work, think and play. It’s us in building form. So we were pretty chuffed when Bloomfield House won the Design Award in the Office/Commercial/Industrial/Retail category or the prestigious Glasgow Institute of Architects awards last weekend.

Marc Kilkenny-Architects (“MK-A”) was selected through a design competition to create our new work environment. His canvass was, quite fittingly, a former primary school. Our brief was simple to design a creative and collaborative space that would reinforce what we Boys and Girls stand for.

Bringing that to life in the building involved indulging ours and Marc’s passion for collaboration with artists and crafts people. We designed and commissioned a diverse range of works including a large concrete boardroom table, a ping-pong table and ceiling (made of 11,000 ping-pong balls no less), handmade work furniture, oh there was also the slide and a fireman’s pole.

The result is a place that represents everything we’re about and we’re really proud that Marc’s ability to capture that has been recognised with this award.