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Sep 20/13

TV drives brand word of mouth

Posted by Margaret

This month’s Admap has an interesting article on influencers of word of mouth. It points out that we spend a lot of time measuring the word of mouth itself without thinking about what initiates the ‘chat’. Thinkbox research looked at the relationship between paid, owned and earned media on brand

Sep 20/13

Boys and Girls are everywhere!

Posted by Margaret

Our namesake gets 5 stars in reviews of the Dublin Fringe Festival, but only 2 days left to catch it.

Apr 01/13

Improving Creative Thinking

Posted by Margaret

The BBC have been running a great Horizon series with one episode focused on creativity, called The Creative Brain How Insight Works. Apparently one of the big blocks in thinking more creatively is something called functional fixedness which becomes more hardwired as we get older and makes it more difficult

This is not new, in 1981 the ‘Skippy’ burger jokes abounded when Australian companies were found to be selling ‘beef’ to the USA which subsequently transpired to contain kangaroo and other ‘non beef’ meat. Now it is the countless horse jokes…

Last year the Journal of Food Science published a list

Jan 27/13

A lesson from Lincoln

Posted by Margaret

There is a great quote of a quote in the Lincoln film from Mr Lincoln himself, that we should all keep at the back of our minds, as both clients and agencies, when we write a brief

“I could write shorter sermons but when I get started I’m too lazy

Nov 07/12

iPad brilliance

Posted by Margaret

I love the new iPad Mini ad. What a great example of refuting any functionality negatives a ‘mini’ anything can have, by showing both models doing exactly the same thing, working for the same big fingers and doing this whilst levering the iPad brand with a demonstration of an app

Sep 28/12

The Population in Precarious Balancing Act

Posted by Margaret

As we all know from looking around us, Irish emigration is on the rise again. Figures were released yesterday by the CSO, based on information up to April 2012, and it is estimated that 34 thousand more people will leave this isle than will come to live on it during

Aug 28/12

In case your forgot…..Christmas is coming!

Posted by Margaret

It happens every year. It is always on the 25th December. And today it is 120 days or nearly 3,000 hours away and yet Brown Thomas feel the need to remind us of Christmas in AUGUST!

The only person who I know that will be delighted is Patrick (Christmas 2011)

On the presumption that many people were making use of the BBC red button and therefore not actually seeing any ads during the Olympic Games themselves, I thought it would be useful to share details of the top 3 brands judged to make the most effective use of TV advertising

Jun 29/12

Not sure what it did, but I liked it

Posted by Margaret

This story is a few weeks old, but the joy of Sky+ means that I am only watching the Sky Atlantic showing of Season 5 of Mad Men now. The first two episodes were run as a double bill, and in what felt like a reverse of today’s familiar programme