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Feb 23/12

Jingle Jangle

Posted by Pat

Great things these blogs. My fellow B&G’ers are sick of hearing me go on about my belief in the power of the jingles….but now i have a whole new audience to inflict my views on. Huzzah!

So back to Jingles, or earworms or sonic logo’s or whatever they are called now.

What does one do when faced with a work twin? Why, re-enact The Shining of course!

Next week’s photo will be the lady in the bath in Room 237. Surely a role Pat Stephenson was born to play.

Last November I was critical of suggestions to regulate the advertising of certain foods. Now it is the recommendations made by the report of the National Substance Misuse Strategy Group.

I wholeheartedly endorse a level of control over the advertising and promotion of alcohol but when does it go to far.

Feb 18/12

The folks living with no safety net

Posted by Margaret

Yesterday the Central Bank published its report on the last quarter of 2011 which showed that 1 in 7 mortgages are now in arrears. In real numbers that means that over 70,000 mortgages are in arrears of 90 days or over, and frighteningly that number is up 42% since March 2010.


Feb 14/12

Take it outside.

Posted by Patrick

Here’s a question. Are there no clash codes for banner advertising?

I’m not a media expert, but I do recall that for TV and Radio the media buyers ensured that when they booked a spot for a client they used ‘clash codes’ to ensure their ad wouldn’t appear alongside a competitor

Feb 12/12

RIP David Kelly

Posted by Pat

Just heard the news about the sad passing of the incredibly talented, one man Irish acting institution David Kelly. Throughout the likes of Strumpet City, Fawlty Towers, Waking Ned, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Stardust he seemed to effortlessly fill his screen character’s with a lovable, empathetic charm –

Feb 06/12

Super Boring….ads

Posted by Patrick

So the Superbowl was last night. The biggest show on earth apparently. The game was entertaining but i’m afraid the ads weren’t up to much. If you have half an hour you can watch them all here:

If you don’t here’s my summary:

Sometimes all the money in the world can’t buy

Feb 02/12

The Lynx Effect.

Posted by Rory

There are quite a few things that I’d rather be sprayed with than Lynx, Mace, Pepper Spray and whatever comes out of Pepe le Pew spring to mind. But even though it’s a product I don’t really like, “the Lynx effect” is an evergreen idea that I can’t help but