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Aug 31/10

I want a robot

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It’s been 10 months since we moved into 14 Pembroke Road and it’s fair to say that we’ve done quite a bit to the place. From Patrick and I sanding down the wooden floors (which i think may have given us “The Black Lung”) to our over publicized Lego table-the

Aug 27/10

A very special birthday

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Happy Birthday to young Rory, our Creative Director, who has just hit the celebrated age of Christ. This lunchtime we made all his birthday dreams come true with a pizza party, cake, curly wurlies, TK red lemondade and a very special showing of Rodney Dangerfield’s ‘Back To School’.

‘Best birthday ever’

Aug 27/10

An open blog

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Friday Morning. Delicious Coffee 2 Go coffee inside me. The last of the summer sunshine being wrung on our doorstep. The world is not a bad place on days like this.

Mornings likes this always get me thinking and it’s usually bright and optimistic thoughts given i’m a glass half full

Aug 23/10

Under the rainbow

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There’s a lot of talk about the new Lotto commercial at the moment. It’s a lovely looking ad, with moments beautifully captured by Steve Greene of Sweet Media. The track is unusual and quite powerful set against the backdrop of a stunning looking docklands day.

So why don’t I love it.

Aug 20/10


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The top 10 earners on YouTube have been published and the money they make is incredible. Take Natalie Tran of Australia. Her Community Channel has made her an astonishing $101,000 for content that is, in my view, not that interesting. To date her channel has had more than 270 million

Aug 12/10

After Hours Athletes

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The night too is for sport. And they are the champions.

Simple and brilliant.


Aug 10/10

Fire V Powder = Cool

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Flame Thrower. Check. Yokels. Check. Fire Extinguisher. Check. 1000 frames a second camera. Check. Enjoy

Aug 10/10

A brand for all senses

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All of us at Boys and Girls witnessed the complete experience of the Apple brand yesterday watching Patrick LISTEN to hear the whisper of the top slip from the box, eyes wide as he SAW his iPad for the first time then a lot of time was spent TOUCHING his

Aug 05/10

Buddha hell, what a pair!

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Forget about the straight Banana, what would the EU make of this? An ingenious Chinese farmer has come up with a novel way to reinvigorate flagging fruit prices. Fruit may be cheap but people will pay a lot more for a step closer to Nirvana.

The obvious next evolution into Ireland? Why